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KÉRATENE® alphactive is the first OTC (over the counter) fully organic cosmetic line developed specifically to manage the effects of incipient hair thinning caused by hormonal factors, such as DHT, by delaying the effects of the follicular miniaturization and preserving the existing hair density, both in pre and post-operative cases.

alphactive contains a new type of highly effective 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor, with a specific molecular crystalline structure that resembles needle-like micron-sized thermo-active microcrystallites named Keratenosynergist®.
Keratenosynergist® is a 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitor, researched and dermatologically tested by Hairclinics an effectively neutralizes specific levels of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme present in scalp skin.
The 5-ARD enzyme is present predominantly in the scalp skin and prostate tissue and acts as a catalyst in the production of DHT.
Unlike the amino-(minoxidil) or hexaminoxidil-based products, Keratenosynergist® is a natural complex ß-sitosterol-based polyphenol with an excellent dermatological tolerance and native high penetration capabilities, that does not artificially stress the cellular membrane and does not excite the opening of the K-channels.
As result, no excessive induced chemical stress is present and no irritation or follicular inflammation is created.

This specific type of molecular microcrystalline thermo active 5ard enzyme inhibitor is incorporated exclusively in the KÉRATENE®
alphactive product line and is completely safe for cosmetic usage, for the adult public, above 18 years old.
Different concentrations of inhibitor are used, according to the product type and age group, rated from concentration grade 1 (CG1) to 4 (CG4).

Apart from the inhibiting action, KÉRATENE®
alphactive contains immunomodulating agents (Phytoproxium®) that affect the inflammatory process in the skin and contribute to the reduction of dermatological irritation.
Phytoproxium® is a specific mix of concentrated plant extracts with specific chemical topology that sustains the healthy hair growth and contributes to a slight acceleration of biological processes in the existing hair follicles.
Compared to other available alternatives, KÉRATENE®
alphactive has a 100% Xenoestradiol- & phytoestrogen-free formula, without SLS, synthetic additives or irritant hydrophilic ethanolamine derivatives.